Sunday, May 3

Madden 10 Tidbits From Gamepro

This info comes from this months latests Gamepro mag.
  • There is a new injury system this year that adds a strategical element. The choice will be given to place an injured player back in the game or hold them out. Of course putting them back in will risk more severe injury.
  • Custom QB throwing-style animations
  • Players talking to each other on the sidelines, kickers warming up with the nets, players on exercise bikes, and fans bundling up in cold weather situations.
  • QBs can now throw passes into the dirt rather than just chucking it out of bounds.
  • Game speed has been slowed down by about 10%.
  • Madden IQ remains however it will be something calculated primarily in the background as opposed to the intrusive nature of last year.


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