Tuesday, April 21

Burning: Oddball2121

Hello everyone welcome back to another edition of Burning with Blazenhawk this week I am going to be burning a person that we met online that was one guy when we met him and another when he got to know him enjoy reading this.

Oddball2121 was a really cool guy when we first met him when we are doing our madden leagues (Jerhawk recruited him) and he followed the rules but one day he just changed. When playing a game he came on saying he was using drugs (which he was not) and we do not condone that in public. Also what changed was that night that we all know that happened with Dwayne Bowe incident and oddball2121 got offended and Jerhawk kept apologizing and oddball either ignored him or just left the party. So we made up a name for him for our madden leagues and it was baby and when I told him and keep calling he was scared to stand up for himself. the best part is when he was playing Finch and he lost to him and wanted to send Deus Legend a message but he sent it to Finch and it is on our website what he said.

The only reason why I am doing this burn is because he sent Deus Legend a random message say for us to take the stuff we posted off and I sent him a message back saying no. He sent one back saying a lot of inappropriate stuff. I encourage all of you to send oddball2121 a message about this post. Thank you for reading, tune in next week also check out of what oddball said to finch.


  1. I did not recruit Oddball, Blaze. I don't think he even was recruited, but it wasn't me. I liked Oddball, I just hope we can all get along...

  2. I hope oddball goes chug some vodka


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