Saturday, April 4

Around the Hawk: NCAA Football 2010 Sneak-Peak

I was reading up on some of the new features for NCAA Football 2010 on EA Sport's Inside Blog, and I must tell you, I am very impressed with the way this game is coming along.

The big feature that was explained was the all new Player Lock feature, where you can select a player and lock onto him, switching the camera view to that particular player. However it only said that this would be used in Play Now and Dynasty mode, but didn't mention anything about it being for online play. This may be a good thing, as people may just take advantage of the DE the entire game (like they do anyways), but now with this new camera they wouldn't have to worry about anything that happens in the play behind them, they would just let the CPU do the rest of the work for them. This feature would really have to be used first-hand for me to give a solid opinion on it. It looks great for offline use like it says. However, it would be fun to user-control the wide receiver and catch some passes against another user-controlled DB.
A new feature called the Defensive Assist was also introduced, where all you have to do when controlling a defensive player is press the "A" button to move your player back into his correct assignment during a play if you get confused where your player should be covering. This should be helpful, especially for those who are learning to play safety, corner or linebacker in zone coverage. This is another feature that could be a hit or miss with me, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it.

NCAA Football 2010 should be a must-get for you football junkies out there like myself, which comes out July 14th, exactly one month before Madden.


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