Thursday, April 2

Burning Jay Cutler

For this weeks edition of burning with blazenhawks I am going to burn one Mr. Jay Cutler. Yes I know I am going to be burning a game but there are plenty of games out there I just thought I might get this one of my chest now before I forget.

Jay Cutler come one man you are staring to become the biggest cry baby in the NFL at the QB position. OK we get that your new coach trade to trade you for another QB but get over it the NFL is a business you should know this by now. We can understand that that you were mad I we all understand that you want to leave because you did not trust your new coach any more, but come one when they do start to trade you go and say “I can’t believe they are trading me I don’t want to leave”. My god man you are worse than Jerhawk and I playing at madden grow up if you demanded something you don’t be a baby and say you don’t want to go.

I want to thank you for burning this week next week I will be burning NBA live 09 and I am going to add a segment to were you the gamers will chose what game u want me to burn just post what game you want me to burn and I will burn it. This Segment will happen once a month.


  1. You should burn Resident Evil 5 to become one of the most hated men in America!


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