Thursday, April 9

The XBLN SIM League

BlazenHawks Is NOW The New/Old Commish of the League!

Here's an update on TheXBLN SIM League with our new league motto: "New League, New Dreams" The competition for this league is outstanding, and I would like to thank everyone involved. It's been a lot of fun and I'm sure it'll be a tight run down the stretch for the playoffs.

SC Spaniard
Deus Legend 
Martin pjp 42
Johnnie Coyote

Please remember everyone, DO NOT QUIT during your games unless you and your opponent have agreed to this, whether the connection was bad or something came up. Do not just quit the game if you're losing you WILL BE REMOVED, no warnings needed. This is your warning.

Also, please try to play your games. If somebody messages you for a game, please let them know if you can't play, DON'T JUST IGNORE THEM. I understand that we all have things to do outside of video games so we're not going to be on 24/7, but when you're online try to get some league games in please, otherwise you're wasting everyone else's time.

Thanks everyone!


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