Tuesday, April 14

Burning Call of duty: World at War

Welcome back to this weeks edition to burring with blazenhawks and today we are going to be burring Call of duty world at war. This was released on October 11, 2008 by Treyarch which came after one of the best call of duty games out there so they had big shoes to fill.

I was really disappointed with this game being a big call of duty 4 fans I thought this game would be better. Boy was I wrong this game was really bad the graphics and campaign was the only good things about the game. When you go online I might as well play Madden it is so laggy and so many people glitch. The guns are bad and it takes for ever to level up and why would you bring tanks in the makes it so much unfair. What I think really ruined them was when they went back WWII come one Treyarch get with the new age we are tired of WWII games. And the maps are really bad also I played that game for about a day and it was so bad I traded it in.

For my closing remarks I think call of duty needs to stay with one company and that is with Infinity Ward. I hope you all enjoyed this burn and remember just post what you want me to burn and I will. Just to let everyone know that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be out November 10, 2009


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