Tuesday, June 12

E3 2018 Update From DoPeY5007

One of our great community members DoPeY5007 is at E3 once again and is providing XBLN with some exclusive anaylsis and pictures from this years event. Check it out below and also be sure to follow @DoPeY5007 on Twitter and also check him out on his personal stream on Mixer.

From DoPeY5007:

This year I was lucky enough to go to FanFest thanks to a friend Jav0r. Xbox puts on a great show for the lucky fans to get in. We started the day at a movie theatre for check in. There are around 400 fans that get to attend. After check in and in our seats we had a few guest speakers hyping us up for the briefing we would be attending. Aaron Greenburg, Phil Spencer, Mike Ybarra and Larry Hryb to name a few. Phil informed us the briefing would be about games and we would not be disappointed.
After all the speakers were done we took a walk over to the Microsoft Theatre to get seated for the briefing. We sat front row! Personally I was in the 4th but wow!!! I thought the briefing was great! Games games games!!!! I am looking forward to Forza Horizon 4 and the new Cuphead DLC. When they were talking about the seasons in Forza Horizon 4 they even dropped “leaves” from the rafters, cool touch! Happy they didn’t make it snow.
After the briefing we walked back to the movie theatre to get some lunch and have a few more speakers. The Gears team came to talk about their 3 new games, we had a performance from the Skullduggers and Chris Charla came up with a dev to talk about his upcoming game (the game is slipping my mind). We had great panels and got to see some behind the scenes on video capture for Gears 5.
After it all ended we got the amazing swag bag!!!!

On day 2 of Fanfest I started the day going to EA play for a couple hours. I had a 10am time slot. This year there was no line issue to get it and I walked right up to check in. I wanted to hit Anthem but the event is outside and the line for it was only in the sun and that did not sound pleasant to me. I did play a new mode in Battlefront II. It is the typical escort the payload from A to B to C or defend it. I started the match on a 6-7 kill streak that made me laugh. My team ended up defending well and they never moved it.  After that I did not really feel like staying in the long lines in the sun and headed out.
Fast forward 5 hours to the Fanfest party! So we go back into Microsoft Theatre and get to play games, enjoy some food and drink and mingle. I used most my time to mingle 1st. Enjoyed hanging out with the ID@Xbox team and devs. I did play a few games though!
First game I played was an upcoming ID@Xbox title Children of Morta. This is a classic hack and slash dungeon crawler. The game was enjoyable and I hope to play more of it.
Second game I played was very interesting. I say that because the developer was live broadcasting that system to their Mixer channel (and of course I recognized a couple of the chatters watching the stream! The game was Warhammer Vermintide II. This is a more a FPS hack and slash with high end graphical environments. It had Mixer integration on but not sure what it was. I enjoyed the game until I died, and my team didn’t revive me…. This is a 4-player co-op game.
Third I played a little of Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I didn’t want to play this long as I have not played the first one yet (Sorry Yin). But I will say the game is beautiful.
The last thing I played was Forza Horizon 4. I tried to play on the full moving rig but the line was over an hour and a half. The game played well, it did look and feel a lot like 3 but there were handling improvements. When you hit the water it seemed to slow you more than before. As expected the game ran flawless and looked amazing!
At the end of the night I spoke to Aaron Greenberg (no, I never smile) for a few minutes. We went over there looking for the PUBG pin but he didn’t have them. The time went by quick but it was a great event and am grateful I was able to go and hope to go again soon! Xbox knows how to have a great time, and have some games to play at the same time.
 And that concludes the update. Again be sure to follow @DoPeY5007 on Twitter and also check him out on his personal stream on Mixer.


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