Wednesday, June 13

E3 2018 Day 1 Update from DoPeY5007

One of our great community members DoPeY5007 is at E3 once again and is providing XBLN with some exclusive analysis and pictures from this years event. Check it out below and also be sure to follow @DoPeY5007 on Twitter and also check him out on his personal stream on Mixer.
E3 Day 1 Update from DoPeY5007:

Let the lines begin…. Day 1 of E3 is always the worst with it comes to the crowds. This year they changed things up with the gamer pass having limited hours, but with Xbox being offsite their doors open to the gamer pass owners when the E3 floor opens. So of course when I got there I was going to go hang out at the Xbox Experience until the main show floor opens.

Going into Xbox things were setup different than it was at FanFest. We were no longer able to go into the theatre and hang out on stage. Instead everything is setup on two lobby floors creating a snug experience! I started the day with playing PUBG, I wanted that pan pin! There was nothing new in the game and it was a little nice I was the 2nd dead LOL. Second I lined up to play Battlefield V. This was a cool setup. They had 40 systems setup for a 20v20 match up. We played their 3 days of war mode. My team won day 1 and 2 so we won the match. My only issue was not knowing the map at all it was hard to navigate where to go and where the enemies were spawning. Overall I enjoyed the game and look forward to play more.
Now it was time to go to the main show floor. Line to get in was long but not bad, security wouldn’t let Jav0r in due to the skate deck he was caring. He went to a different entrance and they let him in. The two booths that are hard to miss are by far Mixer and Fortnite. Mixer has a Million+ dollar car and a $80k rig you can play Forza on. I will be trying to play on this setup. Fortnite have their battle bus and tons of systems to play the game on, PS, Xbox, Switch and PC!

The Funko line was as bad or worse than the game lines. Once I saw it short I got in but two of the three I wanted to purchase were out of stock. They restock daily so I still have a chance to get them. The Overkill booth for The Walking Dead was very cool to look at as well. Everyone loves zombies right?

Before the day ended we wanted to go back to Xbox and on our way we stopped at the Fallout 76 Reclamation booth. Now this was a little odd. We went through tests to see if we can survive out of the shelter. Most the time they said we died, but they weren’t worried and everything would be ok. One test was even to convince a stranger to let us into their shelter overnight so we don’t die. I was paired up with some random woman and I was able to convince her! We were given a mask incase our face melts off due to radiation.
After that we were headed to Xbox with just over an hour left on the day but learned they were no longer letting users in. At this point I didn’t think it was worth going back into the main floor either (not sure if we could anyway). So that was the end of Day 1. Feet are sore, I hope to see more today in the sea of sardines.


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