Friday, June 15

E3 2018 Day 2 Update from DoPeY5007

One of our great community members DoPeY5007 is at E3 once again and is providing XBLN with some exclusive analysis and pictures from this years event. Check it out below and also be sure to follow @DoPeY5007 on Twitter and also check him out on his personal stream on Mixer.

E3 Day 2 Update from DoPeY5007:

On to day 2! So with the gamer pass I was still not allowed to get into the show floor until later hours but Xbox is open to us as soon as the main doors open. So of course I go there. I learned there was multiple pins to be had at Forza Horizon 4, I wanted all three. This means I had to play it a couple more times. Darn, twist my arm! I played the demo two more times, picked the same car, and enjoyed it as much as I did the first play through. I even got a shirt for “winning” the event.
Kingdom: Two Crowns was the next game I played. This is a 2D side scroller that I didn’t actually get to play much of. I found a show stopper bug that wouldn’t let me progress the game, so I reset it for the next person and found the ID@Xbox team to let them know and we then let the developer know to look into it.

Now on to the main floor! I played Jurassic World Evolution. I didn’t know anything about this game but the line was short so I was like let’s go! The game is actually a park simulator. You manage all aspects of the game, moving dinosaurs, hatching new ones etc. One thing they told us in the briefing before we go in is accidents can happen if you open the wrong gate. So what does everyone do when we start playing? Of course open a gate that a meat eater is in to the public! All hell breaks loose and is quite funny.
I also played Fortnite for the swag, I wanted the pin of course. So I played it on the Switch, I was put in with two random guys and a girl comes up next to me. Funny is I know her so we get chatting and have a good time both trying to get the Switch controller configuration since it is slightly different. It was a heated battle as if you get Victory Royal you get like 2,500 V-bucks. I think we got down to about 30 something left. And I could see a major quality difference in the Switch vs my One X.
I explored more of the Nintendo and PlayStation booths but never tried to play anything there as they are always massive pits of people wall to wall. They do have some cool displays though.
Now for some extra fun, I was able to once again get an invite to a special ID@Xbox after party held for developers that use the program. So I walked over to the Hotel it was at and head upstairs for some snacks and drinks. I didn’t recognize any faces from last years but quickly stated chatting it up with some devs. I really enjoyed the opportunity to mingle. I even spoke to one dev and asked why there have been no more achievements in their content updates and how that makes us gamers sad.
Now it is time to go home and get ready for a full day at the main floor as Xbox will be closed tomorrow. Goal is to get the limited Funkos and a shirt for the wife.


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