Sunday, June 17

E3 2018 Day 3 Update from DoPeY5007

One of our great community members DoPeY5007 is at E3 once again and is providing XBLN with some exclusive analysis and pictures from this years event. Check it out below and also be sure to follow @DoPeY5007 on Twitter and also check him out on his personal stream on Mixer.

 E3 Day 3 Update from DoPeY5007:

Welcome to the final day of E3!!!! So for the most part the halls less crowded than days 1 and 2 but the lines are still a mess. I wanted to get the E3 exclusive Funko Pops so my 1st stop of the morning was the Funko both. I got in line right when I got there, and got the pops I wanted as well as the shirt my wife wanted! Winning!!! The line only took a hour so it wasn’t too bad.
I tried to get into the line for multiple games but most of them were cut off and they only allowed someone new in line when someone finished. So you had to be at the right place at the right time…. I asked about the Overkill’s The Walking Dead and that line was 3 hours. Ouch.
Around noon I met up with some of the ID@Xbox staff as it was their 1st day in the main halls. One of them decided to live stream to Mixer and give a tour of the expo. I ended up with her phone and directed them where to go as I knew the layout. After exploring the Mixer booth I recommended we go checkout Fortnite. We headed over there and ended up in the Mechanical  Llama line…. So her and I both filled out the waivers and yep, rode the Llama live on stream! After that we went to the Sony, Nintendo and Sony Store. Then time for food.
After we grabbed lunch the ID@Xbox team went back to their hotel and I went back into the expo. I tried to find more people I knew to chat, including a friend at the Ubisoft booth with no luck. So I got in the Trials Rising line. While in line they were showing a demo of the new “tandem” mode and wow, that looks tough! After about an hour in line I got my hands on the game. It is trials! It felt good but different at the same time. Controls felt the same as the trials we all love. I am looking forward to spend more time on the bikes!
And now the day was winding down. My 3rd E3 was coming to an end. I went to the Mixer booth to say bye to some of the staff there and then headed home. I enjoyed my time at E3 but now it was time for some rest (after a 5 mile bike ride). I am looking forward to the games that were announced and that I got to play and maybe E3 next year if I am lucky enough to get in!


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