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Rememoried Review

It's not easy to explain such an intense and varied experience. The world of dreams, the oneiric universe, is a mystery that we walk individually but that we never get to understand. There we find voices, impossible figures, fragments of memories that assail our mind ... all in a magical scenario that escapes our understanding but that we travel until awakening

And if you do not wake up? You could walk infinitely and understand everything that is there, all the opportunities there are. Rememoried then appears as an opportunity to explore that prison that is not such a trip.


Rememoried has a total of 21 levels in which you have to use all your wits to achieve them, ranging from going to a particular point to use the method "rememoried" to achieve your goal, the game can be completed in about 1 hour to 2 hours.


Without explanation, the game begins by presenting images of floating rocks, a tree of color, frames in the air, many particles, kaleidoscope effects and distortion on the screen that simulate computer errors. There are hardly any indications of what to do, and this is one of the points that will be controversial for those who are not willing to waste more time than necessary looking no longer for the solution, but the puzzle itself.

This chaotic gameplay, the clear absence of an objective or message of how to interact with the environment in another game would be a blunder of design. In this hallucinogenic trip, the part of finding is the fun itself. Do you see a place that stands out in some way? Most likely, that is your destiny and reach your mission. But as i say, it's based on giving brushstrokes so that the player uses his intuition, something to which neither you, nor i, are very accustomed except for honorable exceptions.

As described so far, it seems nothing more than the typical and pretentious indie release to investigate beautiful landscapes. However, Rememoried has a special aspect. The stage is usually in constant movement, with decoration that, in addition to lacking utility, seeks to cause confusion. Take a few turns through one of these areas and you will find another different, slightly altered. It's as if the developer had looked at the list of unwritten rules of video games to break them, with the discomfort that implies. It has it's advantages and is allowed within this context, in fact the concept of using forgetfulness or changing the memories in the gameplay holds a lot of potential, but also makes it more complicated than the account.

Returning to the first puzzle, when climbing the rocks with the intention of ascending there will be situations in which you can't continue directly. What to do? Using the changes of this memory to your advantage, taking a look at the landscape and turning the camera, these stones could take the form of a spiral staircase. Later on, there are other examples of this type that in essence are nothing less than taking advantage of the trolling of it's author to change what prevents progress. Little intuitive because you never know when the elements will be relocated to your liking, but that is the spark of this title.

The level of challenges varies from short -some minutes- to a little more convoluted, and it's quality is not constant either, there are good and regular ones. In the latter, you will find especially those who abuse the platform part or directly the resolution becomes too indecipherable, which you overcome "by chance". Not that it shows particularly bad control, it's just that the combination of first person and precision when jumping between surfaces is rarely successful, unless you call yourself Mirror's Edge and have a whole system of parkour movements.

Graphics & Design

It can't be denied that he uses his cards well to present a beautiful and suggestive game, with a strong atmosphere at least disturbing, which is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the experience, but the most. It's another case of independent juggling that bets on art rather than technology. There are landscapes that are directly created to be admired because they are completely photogenic.

To put some criticism to the graphics, over time falls into the monotony, loses the spark of impact when you discover that the variants and tricks are recycled, but at least it's incoherently consistent at all times and the sound accompanies perfectly, at least about the music.


There will be those who consider that Rememoried doesn't come to the fore as a contemplative game, or relaxing if you prefer, nor is it a brilliant puzzle title in the traditional sense. In part, it is not false, there are plenty of better options in both genres. However, few games have taken surrealism so far to the point of being part of the fun. With a more interesting story, more and better challenges or a less focused jumps, this game could win many points.

*Game was provided by the developer/publisher for this review.


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