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Oh My Godheads Review

Oh My Godheads is a game created by a small company called Titutitech created in 2014 in Barcelona that sought support in Steam Greenlight, and Square Enix Collective received them with open arms, thanks to the good reviews reaped on this platform, on november 2, they announced the launch of their game to Xbox One and many of us were looking forward to this promising game of competitive gaming.


As Oh My Godheads has been created entirely to play with friends, the duration intended for a single player is around 30 minutes or 1 hour, if you are skilled enough to do all the challenges that the game offers. However, if you play with friends or family, the duration limit will be set as the game gets boring.

I hope later decide to include the online mode to the game, then upload a lot of points when deciding to get a copy.


This is where the essence of the game lies, Oh My Godheads has a few game modes, 4 in particular that can be entertaining especially, if you play with more friends, practically all these modes are based on picking a head of a god that you choose and make more points than your rivals, the ways in which the game is divided are:

  • Capture the Head: This, the star mode and the one that gives name to the game. In it, you have to form teams of no more than 2 people per side and try to arrive with the head of god located in the center of the map to the opposite goal. But this is not as easy as it seems since, you can hit your rival to steal his head with either your melee weapon or with bombs. Although that is not all, since each head of God has a different quality, for example, the head of Zeus shortly after carrying it will throw rays that will finish with all those who approach them, or Gaia that will change over time causing go everything slower or faster. Once the counter of a team reaches 3, it will be the winner.
  • King of the Head: Here you must endure as long as possible without having your head removed, you can play by teams or separately in a fun game against everyone.
  • Headhunters: One against all, wins the one that your meter reaches 9 points.
  • The Last Man: Only the last one will stand as well as the name says.
  • Challenges: The name in this way says it all. In it, you must pass several tests to improve your skills in addition to being able to unlock some new maps and character.

There are many more game modes missing, because although the truth is that as i say, playing with friends can be fun, the truth is that playing alone is not too much fun, I don't mean that it is boring to boredom, but the game is it limits too much in the gameplay by the small amount of modes it contains. The possibility of playing online would give a lot of life to the game itself, although fortunately the AI ​​of the game is pretty well programmed for you to offer a challenge. Another of the things that the game suffers is that in the challenges, i see that the controls are not very precise and i even notice a certain delay when it comes to controlling them.

Graphics & design

Oh My Godheads doesn't need to be a pointer, since the strength of this game lies above all in the playable. As far as the graphic finish of which it shows, i find a simple style with characters created on the basis of few polygons, although quite varied among themselves, as well as the scenarios where the game is developed that is divided into several countries such as Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan or Greece, all of them completely different from each other, since in each one there will be different obstacles, or paths to complicate things to the players when you compete.

Another set that i could highlight, is undoubtedly the sound section that shows, and is that apart from the variety of maps, i find how each has it's own themes, perfectly setting each location, to such an extent that you can close your eyes and know perfectly in what country you are playing the game. 


Oh My Godheads is a game created with the sole intention that you join a group of friends and have fun as in the old days, those in which the online consoles was basically connect a command to the second port and let the hours pass in front of the screen with a brother or friend. I think that this is his greatest success, and his biggest mistake, since limiting him to that type of multiplayer today in which you are surrounded by multiplayer games, or that include him as the LOL, Call Of Duty or Rocket League , they manage to make with Oh My Godheads always have the sensation that deep down they have not wanted to risk too much.

*Game was provided by the developer/publisher for this review.


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