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Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Review

If there is a study in which the graphic adventures don't disappear, and the formula of the point & click exploits better, this is Artifex Mundi. With a dozen titles behind him in less than three years, he has made a considerable gap in the hearts of fans of this genre.

In each of their works they have experimented and played with different mechanics that they already implemented with their first delivery, thus obtaining variable results. However, and as much as i appreciate the study, i have no choice but to be honest and anticipate that this Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery, has the dubious privilege of being the most bland and the least innovative, of all those who i have analyzed until the date of this seal that such remarkable joys have given me.


Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery is a short game, for both experts and novices. None of his puzzles present a really competent challenge and the game's journey is not exactly vast.

In my case, i finished it in just over 3 hours, and the reason for giving a second round was because, i left a couple of roses (the collectable game with it's corresponding achievement), otherwise, i would not have started a second game because of it's bland plot and because no extra is unlocked after the end of the campaign, something that in previous games of the studio was usual to be available a final chapter, which worked as a prologue or epilogue, after spending the game for the first time and that guaranteed between one to two hours of useful life.


The interaction with other people or creatures is much missed, since the context of the fable in which you are immersed would have favored. The puzzles are varied, but talking was a point that had been added in other titles of the company and that gave enough game.

The difficulty has also lowered the bar, and this time has not included an achievement to pass the game without pulling the track system that is activated by pressing up on the crosshead, so that has been played to an important degree the gameplay, something that can only sadden me. Even so, the work fulfills what is truly important: fun, and hooks it's own as almost to make me spend it in one sitting.

Graphics & Design

I consider that this is the most careful aspect. The animations are a tad over the usual, the impressive and lively color palette continues to look as good as ever and the cinematics look more contemporary. Also, in the sound thing improves. It shows in the weight of the game, which finally exceeds 1 GB in size. It is quite likely that part of the fault is the compression of audio, which on this occasion makes it's function and, having opted to compress it less, and suffer the crunches and distortions that in previous games clouded the experience.


Artifex Mundi has all the potential and experience to create remarkable graphic adventures, as he has shown me in previous titles. However, Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery is the stain on their resume, the macula that I hope they can clean up with new deliveries.

Even so, the game, by itself, is not bad and has a balanced price with respect to the content it offers, although it is logical to demand more when you know that the studio is capable of doing so. By it's most casualized cut, it thus becomes an ideal proposal for neophytes. In contrast, older players will find it too simple.

*Game was provided by the developer/publisher for this review


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