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A Hat in Time Review

After it's funding by Kickstarter and it's bouncy, with remarkable reception by PC, I now come with this Macedonian of great ideas that, despite it's colorful surroundings and nice design, also has it's poor things. Take your hats, let's look inside the hat and find all the magic that A Hat In Time offers us.

In his travels she has collected a lot of sand watches, preserving the order of time, and which she keeps in an immense armored box in his ship. Everything was rosy, until one day his ship collides against a peculiar planet, losing all those Sand Watches and, whims of fate, being spread even by other worlds. The time has come to recover them from the hands of all kinds of villains!


Collecting the 25 arena clocks to advance to the Final Act will take you well, depends on the skill of each one, between 10-15 hours. If you are one of those who want to find all the balls of thread to craftear Hats, look for the Rifts of some scenarios, and agglutinate the secrets as collectible relics, I must add even more hours of play.


A Hat in Time is divided into 4 scenarios or planets plus an ending. The access to them is done through the spaceship of the protagonist, who acts as a lobby. Each planet requires a minimum number of hourglasses to access them and be able to advance. There are a total of 25 watches, not counting the ones that you can add to the rifts, some faults that are lost in the scenarios and that completing them is purely optional.

Each stage is divided into acts, which ask you for such varied things how to participate in a race, dress in majorette from a band of owls, participate in a crazy filming of a movie or hide from a ghost in a mansion. It's important to clarify the fact that carrying out most of these acts, doesn't mean that you always have the open scenario to continue with your work of exploration, collection of coins (diamonds) and collectibles.

You will be armed only with an umbrella and your assortment of hats. These, give you the skills like quick race, throw explosives or see hidden platforms. All can be improved, thanks to some pins that you can acquire from an enigmatic vendor that will be in some phases.

Moving around the scenes, in general, doesn't cause big problems. But it's true that there are some that are too dark, which makes added to the problem of the camera and the graceful skill for the jump of the protagonist, you will see yourself on more than one occasion, falling into the void and repeating jump.

The game is not as nice in it's gameplay in similar games like Super Lucky's Tale. Don't let your appearance fool you. There are areas where they don't make it very clear where to take the next leap, partly camera problem and design of some levels, and it will be the veteran and the player's nose that ends up guiding the next step. Clashes with little but imaginative bosses, fill the gaming experience leaving a good taste.

Graphics & Design

The game knows how to enter by sight. The happy designs of the protagonist, the anonymous space traveler, and her antagonist, a luck of red riding hood with mustache, as well as that of the enemies, are funny and distill an air to rare that more than one, will know how to taste. The animations go hand in hand with this cartoon design that offers you the title.

The scenarios are varied among themselves, and some more inspired than others. From Mafia Town, with cheerful colors and a rather small extension, you went through more dark and linear ones, like the Dead Bird Studio. There are also really worked, how Alpine Skyline, my favorite, with a design with villages in the clouds, and a very elaborate extension and development.

The main problem that will accompany you in all of them, is the camera, it seems that the study was aware of it, and despite giving you different adjustments in the options, I have not found the right one. It tends to approach the character too much, compromising orientation and visibility. On more than one occasion, you will jump "blind" in the hope of grabbing or falling on a ledge or platform.

The graphic engine used is the Unreal Engine that, honestly, has given better results. Regarding the title, the game is a discrete PC port. The soft movement that the game shows, i must subtract the abundant presence of jaggies and a very low resolution, that seeing how it moves in compatible and without being a graphical zenith, it was desirable better result in console.

In the sound part, i have pleasant music, which is adapted to the situation or even to the item or action that we are carrying out. Once again very "Rare".


It's always appreciated the arrival of a game like A Hat in Time. One that is highly enjoyable for any player, but even more so for those of us, who have had the good fortune to try, on some occasion, the titles that Gears For Breakfast has chosen to serve us this more than recommended title.

*Game was provided by the developer/publisher for this review.


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