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Chaos on Deponia Review

At this point, talking about a graphic adventure of the German Daedalic Entertainment, like Chaos in Deponia, is talking about quality. Many titles have already passed since their mythical first games, including the highly acclaimed The Whispered World. Undoubtedly, for this company, the graphic adventure genre is still a good source of income and a success as Ron Gilbert, the father of Monkey Island, already mentioned a few months ago, about another game with the same gameplay as The Walking Dead of Telltale Games.


The main plot has something more history and can be completed quietly in about 10 hours of play for the average player in these types of adventures.

To the duration, i can add many more new characters and a fairly acceptable amount of new scenarios, is a an adventure that still maintains that "new game" flavor and that keeps you stuck to the screen with the hope of being able to solve that longed for puzzle in which you have stuck or simply know what the story holds on the next screen.


The story begins immediately where Deponia left it, and after a few brief puzzles that make a tutorial to prove that you have learned the basics, you will begin your adventure with new subplots and progress on the main plot, although not as much as i would like. There really is not much more to tell without going into the spoiler aspects, and in a graphic adventure that would be unforgivable.

Although in terms of gameplay doesn't offer great news about The escape de Deponia, Chaos in Deponia improved the narration and rhythm, further expanding the humor is a constant comedy, attentive to it's beginning, presents a larger map , best puzzles and even graphics. In this sense, it doesn't matter the delay regarding PC, it's visual quality has no expiration date - 2D comic style illustrations - and at all times demonstrates the incredible work of the animators with a multitude of gestures and actions according to the context.

As for the control, which is the aspect that could give more problems in the console, you have again an acceptable system that works, although it's not how fast and intuitive a mouse is. With the left lever, you control the character on the stage, and when approaching a sensitive object, you will see the interaction warnings. It's not about going blindly through the entire screen, you can activate a view that indicates the areas with some mechanism or collectable, which is a great help in case of blockade because it will make it easier to know if there is anything left to prove.

When selecting a point of interest, the available actions and the corresponding button will appear. One uses the selected object from the inventory - the reduced version is a bar at the bottom - another to listen to the description and, if possible, a third to pick it up or talk to the character. With some puzzles it will be necessary to combine items in the menu of your belongings.

Sometimes the objects on the stage are very close to each other. This is not too problematic for the accuracy of the mouse, but it changes when you must place yourself in front of them; in these cases you can also automatically go between the points on the screen and choose the one that suits you. In short, it's perfectly playable with a xbox one controller, and given the slow rhythm of the genre the gameplay doesn't suffer too much, but it's evident that its natural environment is another type of control. In any case, it will not take more than 10 minutes to get used to it.

Graphics & Design

If there is something that stands out in Daedalic Entertainment, it's the artistic designers who have among their ranks and once again their stupendous and detailed works can be seen in this Chaos in Deponia. The excellent scenery with which you will find throughout the adventure are full of details and with a very good selection of colors, thus leaving a colorful, lively and totally differentiated world from each other. Like it's predecessor, the hand-drawn style maintains the quality of the saga and even surpasses it in certain scenarios.

Musically speaking, the game follows the same wake as previously heard offering melodies worked and catchy as well as very varied throughout the entire adventure.


Chaos in Deponia is an excellent sequel that no fan of graphic adventures should miss. Quite traditional in terms of development, follows the foundations created by LucasArts in the 90s, with a very good graphic section, excellent work on voices and tons of humor with more quality than in the first Deponia. Although it's not ideal, you can also enjoy it without playing the original.

Obviously, it's a bit more comfortable to play on PC, but this should not be an obstacle for users who prefer-or have no alternative-to the console version (Like me). I just hope that the rest of the saga is not too late.

*Game was provided by the developer/publisher for this review.


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