Friday, July 16

Your thoughts on NCAA 11

NCAA has been out for 5 days now we want to know what you think. Here are some of my thought this game is better than last year but that was not hard. I like the new Animation and the new online Dynasty the thing i hate is way to may glitches and bugs. They did not change the road to glory which is lame and the commentary is old but overall i would give the game a B-


  1. I agree with your impressions of the game overall, Blazen. The gameplay has seen significant improvements, probably the greatest leap in gameplay from year to year in the next-gen series of the franchise. However, the high occurance of glitches in the game drag down the game and make you squirm in your seat sometimes.
    The new look of the recruiting in Dynasty mode along with the improvements to Online Dynasty are great, which adds to the replay value of the game. This might be the first NCAA game I'll actually keep after Madden comes out, rather than the usual month-and-trade that a lot of us have done in the past.
    I guess the roll playing aspect in the football gaming community is low, because we have seen yet another step backwards in the Road to Glory/My player department. I would love to see EA actually try and deliver us a decent Road to Glory/My player game mode, but it's aparently something that they don't find very important to the game.
    Overall I'll give the game a B+, because it's actually enjoyable playing the game, both online and offline.


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