Friday, July 30

NFL Picks: Season 3 Registration

Hello everyone, and welcome back to NFL Picks!

It may only be the end of July, but I think it would be a good idea to let everyone out there know that we have a little contest we do here on the website called "NFL Picks." Very standard name, I know. What we simply do is have everyone pick who they feel will win each game week to week throughout the NFL season. Each normal pick is worth one point, and the person who has the most points after the Super Bowl wins!

We don't play for prizes, we play for fun. The contest is simply to see who has the best knowledge and foresight into the NFL, as well as the best luck.

If you're interested, here are the basic rules of NFL picks:
  • All normal picks throughout the season are worth one point. After Week 10, four to five lopsided games are chosen as "upset specials," where if somebody chooses the underdog in the matchup and that team wins, you will receive a bonus of two points.
  • All picks are to be posted in the comment section of the post we're currently on. The picks are to be posted prior to kickoff of the particular game you're picking for. If a pick is made after kickoff of the game, it won't count.
  • Following the Monday night football game for that week, Jerhawk, with the help of his trusty assistant Deus Legend, will add up the points in his special Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and post the points earned that week.
  • Bonus point opportunities will come up throughout the season, which includes picking division winners and your super bowl winner at the beginning of the season. Playoff points are worth more points as we progress through the postseason.
That's the basics of it, and more will be explained as we get closer to the NFL season. We're obviously over a month away from the start of the season, but it's right around the corner.

If you'd like to sign up for this season of NFL Picks, please post a comment on this post with your Xbox Gamertag so I'll know who you are. Thank you!


  1. Sign me up, I have a new 360 and Madden11 now, but I will have to want until September to join any Madden leagues. Send me an message if you want an explanation.


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