Monday, July 26

Madden 11: Tim Tebow Highlights

I was looking forward to Madden until I saw these two plays. Thanks EA! There are several gameplay errors on both of these plays which makes me scratch my head and ask, "Why? Why are we buying this game?"

And a voice whispers in my ear: "Because it's Madden."


  1. For next year's Madden marketing team, they should copy Microsofts Windows 7 thing, where they have several Madden players who stared on "Madden Nation" saying "Madden '12 was my idea."
    The same thing could've been done for this year's game.
    Maybe next year...

  2. Wow. but keep in mind that was from E3 and not the final build so we'll see...

  3. Well, the demo is just like Madden 10 so far lol. This gameflow crap is stupid. Great for people new to the game, lame for people who've actually invested time and money into the game for the past 5 plus years


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