Tuesday, July 27

Madden 11: Super Bowl Celebration

SPOILER ALERT: If you just want to wait until you win the Super Bowl, then don't watch this video.

But to those who do watch it, what do you think is more strange about this video: 1.) One of the top plays in the game is an extra point 2.) They have Roger Goodell 3.) The Jaguars are in the Super Bowl 4.) They have Barack Obama? What?

Reading on the Xbox forums, some people weren't happy with the surprise appearance of our President in the game.
I must say, after playing the demo for Madden, this is by far the greatest improvement they made from last year to this year's version. That's really sad if the best improvement they had was a Super Bowl victory video, something that they should've had in the game years ago.


  1. I guess it took them a year to do that?

  2. WoW that was awesome

  3. Agree 100% with you Jerhawk, it's sad the best thing in M11 is the SB celebration lol. Truly been disappointed with the demo, but the SB video is tight.


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