Monday, August 17

Madden NFL 10 Review

Hello everyone, I am back doing yet another EA video game review. This one if you have not figured out yet, is going to be for Madden 10. Like I do for all of my review I will give a description of the game and series. Well, as you all know, the first Madden came out on in 1989 for the computer. Ever since that day, the game was a hit and was made every year. The first Madden NFL game to hit a video game console, was in 1990 when it was release on the Super Nintendo.

EA every year has tried to make the jump from the Xbox, PS2 and Game Cube to the next-gen consoles and they have failed every year. The game was not fun and had many problems. Like Defensive problems, the radio announcer, rocket catching and many more problems. This review is going to tell you about Madden 10’s Pros and Cons.

Let’s start with the cons, since every one always wants the bad news first. The announcers, I mean come on, they are the same people from 09 and they sound the same too. They can not even say names right. Such as Jones-drew. They same the name like "Jones-(higher pinched voice) Drew". Next EA has lied to us they said there was going to be side line animations and there are none. EA also said for online franchise you can trade picks with other people but you cannot. EA said they turned down the game speed for the game but its only for offline play as online has the normal speed setting. The other thing is the game has been freezing up a lot not on my self but on other people. Deus Legend was kicked out of an online franchise game twice. Also Jerhawk was trying to play a game vs the Packers in his offline franchise and the game made his Xbox freeze up many times.

Now for the good part, the graphics are amazing they did a great job on the details. The game play is a lot more fun, although it is harder to play the computer. We all know everyone wants a challenge and the computer brings it. The presentation is great with tons of cut scenes to make it appear you are watching a real NFL broadcast. I like the refs being on the field along with the chain gangs. The best addition to the game is online franchise, which we have been waiting for it for a long time. The new Pro-tech system is fun and the button mashing is fun also. I like how the trade logic is a lot higher than it has been in the past. I also like the sound track. It always gets me fired up to hit someone in Madden.

After playing the game for 3 days and hearing from what other people think about the game I am going to give the game


The Reason why I am only giving it an 8.25, is because it’s better than the past years Madden. But it still does need some work done. EA is finally on the right track with this game. I want to thank everyone for reading and I hope this helped you out with your purchase decision. Please do not hesitant to leave a comment and tell us what you think of the game!


  1. Good review Blazen. I agree with the pros and cons of the game. EA is headed in the right direction, and it gives us something to look forward to.


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