Wednesday, August 26

America's Game: Madden 10

Welcome back to America's Game! Now that we've been playing the new Madden for a bit, we've managed to get some good highlights up and ready to go.

From Jerhawk, Matt Hasselbeck scrambles out and throws it up to his fullback for an amazing touchdown. The problem with these highlights are that they cut off too soon though, so it may be hard to see that he really did come down with the catch.

From BlazenHawks (Falcons) vs. Jerhawk (Browns), where Roddy White burns the entire Brown's secondary to the endzone. After juggling the ball, Roddy manages to hold on for the touchdown.

This one is also from BlazenHawks (Dolphins) vs. Jerhawk (Bills). Marshawn Lynch has one man standing between him and 6 points. Should he juke him? No. Spin move? No. Truck him? No. Jump over him. Yes.

This one is also from Jerhawk (Seahawks) in the Online Franchise against the Bears. Mo Morris, whom Jerhawk traded for, breaks some tackles on his way to a little TD run.

If anyone out there has some highlights that they would like to share, please post a comment or send us a message. Thanks for watching


  1. I'll have some highlights for the next episode whenever thats going to be.


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