Monday, August 3

America's Game: Episode 4

Welcome back to America's Game.
This first play isn't exactly a highlight, it's more of a blooper due to a glitchy play in NCAA Football 2010. This game has several bugs, and it's really starting to fall apart here on it's last few weeks before Madden comes out.

As you can see, the Texas Quarterback (Matt Hasselbeck) controlled by BlazenHawks, is able to throw the ball as he's being tackled out of bounds. Here's what really made this play even more bizarre. Oklahoma State (Jerhawk) was able to come out on offense after this play, however it was already 2nd and 33. How strange, right? Blazen believes his quarterback was out of bounds before the throw. I believe I should've been able to advance the interception. The game believes it was an incomplete pass for a four yard loss, resulting in Oklahoma State's ball. How confusing...

Here's an actual highlight with no bugs, brought to us by BlazenHawks. A nice interception off the deflection by the Longhorn's strong safety, resulting in six the other way.

Deus Legend and his Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets/Falcons. Matt Ryan completes the pass to Michael Jenkins in double coverage for a huge touchdown. Kind of looks like the first touchdown pass of Matt Ryan's career against the Detroit Lions in Week 1 of last season, doesn't it? Same receiver, too.

Matt Ryan is able to scramble out and find Roddy White for another touchdown with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets/Falcons.


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