Tuesday, August 11

Some Negative Madden 10 Tidbits

Madden NFL 10 has received a lot of good press and it is well deserved. But like every game there are some little glitches and hitches. After playing for a day, I have noticed some little things in the game that aren't out there yet. They are as follows:

I also noticed that the chain gang will glitch sometimes and stand in one spot the whole game.

When there's a penalty, the ref doesn't call the penalty, it just goes straight to the accept/decline screen.

There are too many holding penaltys called on field goals. Might need to be turned down for online franchise.

The breaking gang tackles thing like in the demo doesn't happen often. I've only seen it once in the 10 or so games I played.

The coaches love to scream at the offensive linemen after interceptions.

The defensive linemen do not intercept the ball everytime you throw while being hit like in NCAA. I've only had one INT doing this but it was to Julius Peppers so I wasn't surprised to much by it. If it happens again with some 3rd stringer then it might be a problem like in NCAA.

I've only had one one handed interception. NCAA, this happened often.

A couple of glitches with the commentary in the Extra Point Show like Alex Flanagan saying my receiver had over 200 yards when they only had 150 or so.

They have Home throwback jerseys but not away throwback jerseys.

The only pictures in the main menu are of Larry and Troy.

The CPU still calls time out with 1:01 remaining in second quarter.

Thats it for now. Any more tidbits will be added to this post.

Stay Tuned for the Review with Blazen on Madden 10 next week!


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