Wednesday, July 15

NCAA Football 10 Review

Welcome back every one like I promised I am going to be doing a review on NCAA Football 10, but before I do that I am going to give you a history of the game. In 1992 NCAA Football was originally known as "Bill Walsh College Football" and was released on 4th generation video game consoles, such as Sega Genesis. "Bill Walsh College Football 95" was the second installment of the college football franchise. Then came College Football USA 96’ and 97’.The name did not change to NCAA Football till 1998 then a game has been released every year since. Did you know that EA did not start making the game them self till 1999? EA was Publishing the game but not developing the game. The previous developers were High Score Productions, and Visual Concepts(Makers of NFL 2K and NBA 2K).

Now on to NCAA College Football 10 this game was just released on July 14, 2009 but, before we already bought the game there was a new feature announced called team builder where you can build your own uniforms, stadium, team name and city were you play, also you can rename the players to what you want. to get the Team builder click here. So when you put the game in you get the opening video which starts out with Oregon ducks (boo and yeah) the video us good with a good song. The new features that has been added to the game is season showdown were you have your Favorite team and you get points for you skill of the game and you go against other peoples teams. They have also made campus legend to road into glory with Erin Andrews initials EA (Nice one EA sports) this is one of the biggest things that they have made way better. They also improved the online dynasty but not much.

The game play on this game is pretty much the same as last year the only thing that really have upgraded was more formations different talking animations and you can throw as you are getting tackling now. The downfall of this game is that the game play has not really changed. The other thing is that they want to buy stuff like extra slots for team builder, scouting for your dynasty I mean come on EA don’t you know that people are poor this is a tough economy stop trying to make us buy stuff on the game when we already have paid $60 for the game. The online is kind of fun but people are already glitching (Finch) and taking the fun out of the game.

So After many hours of playing this game for my review I am going to give this game 3 stars out of 5.
This game is fun to play it does have some downfalls which can easily be fix and I hope will for NCAA 11 For this game I would just rent the game because with Madden 10 comes out there is no point of buying the game when every one will be playing Madden 10. Again, I want to thank every one for taking their time to read this review and I hope every one has a great week and a great time having fun on Xbox.

Deus Legends Take: To add to Blazes review, in a nut shell, NCAA Football 10 plays a lot like Madden 09 but with out some of the bad animations and money plays that always worked. Now there are still glitches and hitches in the game, but they are less noticeable in NCAA then Madden 09. I suggest anyone buy the game but, just take advantage of the trade-in deal GameStop has where you get $40 credit for NCAA towards Madden. Basically, you're paying $20 to rent NCAA for a month. Not a bad deal. Anyway, the game is solid and is worth playing but just to play til Madden comes. If you have friends then, Online Dynasty would be fun to compete with each other in. Online Dynasty alone will keep you busy til Madden or other great games come out this year. Enjoy the game for those who have it. I will give this game a 3 star out of 5.


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