Saturday, July 11

America's Game: Season Two

Hello everyone, Jerhawk here, and I will be the new host of America's Game. With the upcoming release of NCAA Football 10, America's Game will make its triumphant return to Here's a sneak peak at the best of Season 1:

From user "Jerhawk" using the Seattle Seahawks in a ranked match online against the Dallas Cowboys, Josh Wilson had an amazing Pick 6.

From user "Deus Legend" this play showed a great spin move by Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons.

This from "BlazenHawks" with the New York Giants. The Cardinals recovered the onside kick but got JACKED UP, resulting in a touchdown for the G-Men.

Please join us here for Season 2 of America's Game. It's an honor to be able to host this show since I've been temporarily suspended from other duties. I hope to do a better job than Chris Cashman on 1 vs. 100 Live! I will try to make a post every week or so of the best highlights from users in our Online Dynasties, so upload those videos so I can show them here on the site!


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