Friday, July 17

America's Game Episode 1

Hello everyone, and welcome back to America's Game. With the recent release of NCAA Football 2010, we here at are very pleased to share some highlights with you. I will choose some of the best highlights from everyone involved in our Online Dynasty and post them here weekly.

In the inaugural game of NCAA Football 2010 between Deus Legend and myself (Jerhawk)....

The matchup was Boise State (Jerhawk) vs. Georgia Tech (Deus Legend). Towards the end of the third quarter, the Boise State quarterback was swarmed in the backfield on what was supposed to be a simple handoff to the running back. However, with some quick feet and quick thinking, he pulled a Harry Houdini on everyone.

Deus Legend pulls a trick play on Jerhawk shortly after that amazing QB run with this halfback toss/pass. The wide receiver is able to outrun the Boise State defense on his way to the endzone. Deus would go on to win this game 31-17 as Jerhawk sank like the Titanic on his maiden voyage.

From user BlazenHawks using the Oregon State Beavers, he returns this pick for a quick six against Penn State.

Another play from Deus Legend (Georgia Tech) vs. Matt7692 (Virginia Tech). Matt was in a pressure cooker, causing an errant throw right to the Yellow Jacket defensive tackle for a pick six.

If anybody else out there has any other highlights that they would like everyone to see, please post a comment with your gamertag so we can put in on our next episode of America's Game!


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