Monday, July 20

America's Game: Episode 2

Welcome back to America's Game! The game has been out for nearly a week now, and I have many great highlights and photos to share with you all.

Let's start you off with a little highlight from Deus Legend..

Even though this was only a two yard gain in the books, it was sure fun to watch. His players thought they were playing volleyball rather than football.

From my offline Dynasty with my TeamBuilder team, the Spokane Shock vs. Notre Dame.

Deus Legend with Ohio State pulls a fake field goal vs. Wisconsin, resulting in a huge touchdown for the home team just as the first half expired.

From myself using Oklahoma State going up against Deus Legend using Georgia Tech. Deus scrambles out, but is picked off for a quick six going the other way.

From BlazenHawk's Road to Glory Mode. Blazen manages to elude the Oregon Ducks defenders until the endzone. Rather than going through or around the defender, he decides to go over the top.

NCAA Football 10 Photo
Here's a quick snapshot of my wide receiver making a great catch on my TeamBuilder team. I will post another America's Game later this week with more highlights from our other Online Dynasty members, so please continue to upload those spectacular highlights! Until next time, this is Jerhawk. Stay tuned!


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