Wednesday, November 19

DiRT 2 Announced, Coming Next Year

Codemasters has announced it is to release a sequel to Colin McRae: DiRT, the highly acclaimed off-road racer that lit the dawn of the current generation in 2007. Dubbed Colin McRae: DiRT 2, the game will retain the name of the late Scottish rally driver who fostered the series from its roots on the first PlayStation before his untimely death prior to the release of DiRT.

"Colin McRae was all about the speed, the excitement and the entertainment of rally driving," said the game's executive producer Gavin Raeburn. "Later his showmanship shone through in events such as the X-games, the Dakar Rally and the Race of Champions. He could do things with a car that no one else would and that's where we're taking the series with new events at the extreme edge of rally and motorsport. It will be a great tribute to an incredible champion."

Exploring various disciplines of off-road racing, Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will utilise an enhanced version of the EGO engine that was last seen in the impressive looking GRID, and will feature comprehensive online modes that promise to be a marked improvement over those in the original.

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will be spreading its wings beyond the HD axis of the Xbox 360. It's due at an unspecified date in 2009


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