Saturday, November 8

Fallout 3: User Review

I went out and bought Fallout 3, and I must admit that this game is very addicting. Unfortunately, I completed the main plot line far ahead of when I planned, causing most of the side missions to be forgotten. However, I manually saved the game periodically so I can easily just go back and time and not do the final mission, but that's another story...

This game is truly a work of art; it's easy to see why it took Bethesda four years to create this classic game. I've never been so emotionally involved in the story line of a game quite like I was with Fallout 3. The twists and turns of the main story really keep you wanting to play more, and it's so much of an added bonus knowing that there's SO MUCH MORE to do! It's very overwhelming.

In short for the story of Fallout 3 without giving away too much, you basically live your life from the moment you are born, where you can create your character. From here it fast forwards to ages 1, 6, 10, 16, then 19 (I believe those are right ages). At the age of 19 you leave the vault for a reason I won't give away, causing you to live a life of your own in the "Capital Wasteland," a post apacalyptic nuclear warzone. You must fend off "Raiders," who are bands of ruthless thugs and criminals, "Super Mutants," who are large mutated humans, and many other mutated and disgusting creatures.

The game itself is extremely intense, and it's super fun to play this game by yourself at night with all the lights off, because this game will scare the living daylights out of you.

I won't go into the postives and negatives of the game like I usually do, since I've basically summarized it up above. But I truly recomend this game to anybody this holiday season.

Jerhawk's Review: 9.5 out of 10


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