Tuesday, November 11

Gears of War 2 User Review

Unleashed two years ago was the phenomenal Gears of War. A game that produced a cinematic campaign for the gamer to play through. A game which engaged the gamer into everything going on in the world around them supplying the gamer with multiple things to do while trying to reach the ultimate objective for missions. Gears of War reinvented the shooter genre with this unique style of play not seen in any other game to date.

Gears of War 2 is no slouch in any of the things the first had to offer. Gears 2 expands what Gears 1 did and more. A lot of gamers were upset when the first Gears just let them run past the Brumaks, well this Gears fixed that problem and then some. Not only do the gamers get to battle Brumaks, there are other surprises in store for the gamer that I will not reveal here in the review. It's best to see these things for yourself.

Just finishing up the game last night, I have never been more pleased with a games campaign story than with this one. This games campaign surpasses the first Gears by wide margins. Now I get to play the game on Insane :). To me, the story in the game is very interesting. The characters in the first game roles are expanded and there are even a few new characters here and there and also, and new Locust to face.

The weapons in the game are top notch and very original. Not only does the Lancer and every other weapon from the first Gears, there are also some new weapons that can be enjoyed as well.  I feel in love with the Hammerburst which is the Locust counterpart to the Lancer. This is a very effective weapon and also, there will be lots of ammo dropped for this weapon which is important. There are also more vehicles in the game and more vehicle action. In the first Gears, there was only one vehicle mission and it was pretty lame, Gears 2 answers those moans and gives us plenty of vehicle action.

The multiplayer is fun also in Gears 2. There are new modes such as Meatflag which is like CTF but you must capture an opponent and take him to the scoring range. And Wingman which splits gamers up into teams of two. Also, the best game mode of them all, Horde. You and five buddies battle your way through 50 angry waves of Locust. And believe me, they are angry. Also, there is Halo like matchmaking where you can form parties and match up in your favorite game modes.

Overall, Gears of War 2 is more than Gears of War 1.5. This game expands what the first game did and more. We all know this series is going to be a trilogy, so I wonder how we can be tortured even more by the crazy evil Locust. This is a very solid game and a true sequel to very good new franchise. I wish more developers will take risks with new franchises versus making a string of sequels. Epic took a huge risk with the Gears of War franchise and it has paid off well for them.

Out of 10, I give this game a 9.8!


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