Sunday, November 16

NCAA Basketball 09 Review

The revamped NCAA Basketball 09 does a nice job of giving bracketheads what they want, despite some freshman jitters with its new engine. Even though NCAA Basketball 09 may not be a Final Four lock, it’s clear that the franchise has a winning road ahead of it.

Although you don’t have a choice this year (hopefully 2K jumps back into the fold in 2009), NCAA Basketball 09 is solid enough to get you excited for tourney time. That in itself is worth the price for admission.
College basketball pageantry meets entertaining, arcade-style gameplay
Better due to the inclusion of the Live engine, but the visuals could use a bit more polish.
Captures the grandeur of college –b-ball in most situations.
Online rivals and a better overall Dynasty experience makes for marathon play sessions.
A hop step in the right direction.
Overall Score NOT an average


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