Thursday, September 11

New Skate 2 Details

Firstly, you'll find the new Thrasher Hall of Meat this time around. Fans of the first game will remember a number of the highlight reels made from some of the craziest bails in the game. This time around, you'll be rewarded for it. Slam challenges will have you hurting your skater more than any knee pads will help, while new bail gestures will let you add some style to your crashes - just before you smack the pavement, that is.

In our previous hands-on, we talked about how you can hop off your board and push and pull objects around the environment to set up new lines. Well, if won't be for your benefit alone. You'll be able to upload your custom spots and download the creations of others as well, and vote on the best of the best.

Speaking of online, Black Box and EA promise a seamless transition from offline to online (think Burnout Paradise, perhaps), and a set of new competitive online modes. What these are will remain to be seen.

Last, but most certainly not least, the new Graphics Creator will allow you to build custom graphics and slap them on your clothes and board to further customize your skater's look. Online skating teams will certainly find this to be a welcome addition.



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