Thursday, September 18

Xbox 360 Gets Crown In Japan

The console race took an unexpected twist in Japan this past week as the Xbox 360 emerged on top of a slowing Wii., citing data from parent company Enterbrain, reported today that the 360 sold 28,681 units over the week spanning September 8 to September 14. This was well above the PS3's 8,050 units and even above the Wii's 27,057 units.

The 360's sudden success -- the previous week saw sales of just 843 units -- can be attributed to the convergence of a price drop, a new 60 gigabyte model, fresh hardware shipments following weeks of shortages, and the release of Infinite Undiscovery.

The tri-Ace-developed RPG is being heavily promoted by Microsoft as the first in a trio of Square Enix games for the system (the other two are Last Remnant and Star Ocean 4). In its first week, Infinite Undiscovery sold 86,708 units, placing it among the highest first week totals for Xbox 360 software in Japan.

The 360 has crossed the 717,275 unit mark in Japanese sales, also revealed. Its predecessor never even managed to cross the 500,000 mark.



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