Tuesday, September 23

XBLNCS NCAA Football 09 Dynasty Results

Our first ever XBLNCS Dynasty is finally over. Our Rose Bowl winner was JRC865. He will recieve our third place prize which was a 48 hour trial. Our XBLNCS National Champion is Deus Legend. He will recieve the first place prize two months Xbox Live and Flynn4dawin will recieve 100 Microsoft Points.

There will be no highlights however from the XBLNCS National Championship Game due to technical reason so the game could not be played between Deus Legend and Flynn4dawin.

It was fun doing this Online Dynasty. We will now shift our focus on the Madden League now. We will restart the Madden League now that the patch has came out and to allow our players to change teams.

Also stay tuned as we may be opening up a club to play together on with NBA Live 09.


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