Monday, September 1

Some Fresh New Dashboard Tidbits

  • Holy beautiful transitions! This latest Fall update build included never before seen transition effects including nifty fades, smooth sweeps and (our personal favorite) the guide pop up animation. We can't explain the transition effects, but trust that their addition definitely enhances the overall dashboard experience. Yum!
  • Dashboard themes will now instantly load a preview when hovered over. And, as an added bonus, the preview loading effect is sexy as hell.
  • While in a party, each person's gamer picture is placed on the top right hand side of the dashboard. When alone and party-less, only your gamer picture and gamercard are displayed.
  • Your overly Wii-like Avatar's comic-style text balloon displays your gamercard's motto.
  • EVERY Xbox 360 game's information (including game description, features and screenshots) is pulled into the dashboard while browsing the Xbox Live Marketplace.
[Thanks, 36F and Dathcha]


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