Thursday, May 29

Around the Hawk Update:Tiger Woods 09 Trailer

Yes, Tiger Woods 09 is almost here everyone! For those of you who just like to sit down and relax with some ice cold lemonade and and ice cream bar like me, this is the game for you! Most of us probably aren't very good at golf, such as myself. Nothing better than playing a virtual version of yourself in an almost real looking world, right? Tiger Woods 09 really looks like a piece of art directly from a canvas, onto a disk, displayed directly onto your TV screen. The stunning graphics and massive amounts of character customization can really make this game more fun than it looks. Sure, golf can get boring after a while, so after you bogey on five straight holes, feel free to eject the beautiful canvas and put in GTA IV and take out your frustrations, as I always do. But before we get to that point, take a look at this amazing game! Hopefully the online will be much less laggier with more to do, which to me was really the downfall of Tiger Woods 2008. I did love the part online of watching other player's highlights that they were able to upload online, and then try to match their incredible shot. If Tiger Woods 09 can improve in the online department (COME ON EA!), then this game could turn from being a good rental into becoming a good buy.


  1. This year online you can play against each other at the sane time no more wait for the other person to swing

  2. Kinda off topic, but I seen a little snippet about Saint's Row 2. I can't remember, but I thought I heard that pushed it back.

  3. Yes Saints Row was pushed back to October 12th I believe. Somebody should post that...


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