Monday, May 26

XBLN Exclusive First Look: Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 sure looks and sounds like a fun and interesting game, one that the whole family can enjoy! Hopefully some of the bugs from the first Saints Row will be fixed, such as the freeway magically disappearing under your car, or just lying down in the middle of the road without getting up. Maybe this was just my Xbox having problems, I don't know. I heard others had the same problem as well.

While this game has been considered by some to just be a rip off of Grand Theft Auto, the story line and imaginative art and creativity of the surrounding city and characters kept me entertained for hours.

The second Saints Row should be even better, with amazing character customization, which was really in my opinion a big part of the first Saints Row that got me interested: Watching myself destroy a city, while being swept up in gang activity by accident. Hopefully the story line is just as fun, with more twists and turns. With a more improved gun control system like that of Grand Theft Auto, but hopefully better, this could be a good buy this late summer (August 26th).


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