Tuesday, May 27

The Legends Journal: Reminiscing on the Past

I posted this story a while ago back on the old MaddenNation Website for a Nation Idol Contest. I thought this would be a good read for everyone to see in this day and time:

On a quiet Saturday afternoon Deus Legend signs onto his Xbox 360 as usual. He looks to see if any friends are on. He decides to go and play some Madden. Deus Legend was getting tired of beating people over and over again and wanted a challenger to break his 20 game winning streak. Deus Legend finds this guy named Its My D. The two meet up to set the game up its Eagles (Deus Legend) vs. Bears (Its My D). Deus Legend wins the coin toss and selects to kick the ball.

The opening kickoff comes and the game is underway. Of course since Deus Legend was playing a level 14, he had some feelings this person might be a part of the Evil Cheesers Group floating around Xbox Live that can attack any person at anytime. The first snap is under way and it’s a simple play. The next snap is coming up and guess what? It’s the same play. Deus Legend starts to think this is a member of the Evil Cheesers Group. Next play it’s a touchdown.

Deus Legend is angered from all of this and comes out on offense for his opening snap. Deus Legend see’s a familiar Quarter Formation from the current-gen Madden and thinks nothing of it. Its My D spreads his d-linemen out and moves his linebackers in. Deus Legend knows it’s some sort of blitz. He hikes the ball then he sees the Defensive Ends coming around his lineman faster than usual. Deus Legend gets the ball off somehow and gets a first down. The next play, it’s the next thing. Throughout the whole game, Deus Legend has to face the same Offensive and Defensive plays. The two go back and forth scoring. Deus Legend would have won the game but he failed to convert on 4th down once. Poor Deus Legend he cannot believe the same plays worked the whole game. The good guys always lose.


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  2. Hallo an euch alle , lesen jetzt Ihr Blog arbeiten in diesem Blog und Liebe genießen Sie Beitrag mit große Informationen !
    kee die harte Arbeit, Aufenthalt sicher und auch frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2011! Ich entschuldige mich für meine bad Deutsch!


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