Saturday, May 31

Around the Hawk Update: NCAA 09 Gameplay Trailer

Another football game to keep us entertained during the long hot summer before Madden 09 comes out: NCAA Football 09. This one also looks fun, but will the game unravel itself to show the bare naked truth of a sloppy game like NCAA 07 and 08 did, or will this game keep itself together as a true fun football simulation game. I have a interesting question that I pose to all of you out there. Answer it for me if you can: Why are the features from the old NCAA football and Madden from the "old gen" consoles slowly making their way back into these games? They were always fun, why were they even taken out to start with? Is it because the disks were unable to support the massive amounts of gameplay and overwhelming graphics until now? Mascot games, while they were never really my favorite, were always in the old gen. Now they're coming back? That's weird, isn't it? Anyways, this game should be fun. For about a month until Madden 09 comes out.


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