Monday, January 2

NFL Picks: Week 17 Results / Wild Card Picks

Welcome back to NFL Picks. The regular season is officially over, and Deus Legend has basically won first place in our competition. The battle is now on for second place on those Microsoft points.

The standout picks from Week 17:

  • Everyone's correct picks: 49ers, Jaguars, Patriots, Falcons
  • SRO was the only one to choose the Redskins incorrectly.
  • Stopable was the only person to get the Texans wrong.
  • Stopable was the lone wolf to pick the Chiefs correctly.
  • Deus Legend was the only one to get the Packers correct.
  • Jerhawk was the only person to go against the Seahawks and get the Cardinals correct.

The results from Week 17:

1.) Deus Legend / 13
T2.) SRO / 10
T2.) Jerhawk / 10
T4.) BlazenHawks / 9
T4.) Stopable / 9
6.) JohnnyX77 / 8

Here's the results from the divisional winners that we chose way back in Week 1. These were worth 3 points each, and basically sealed the victory for Deus Legend:

NFC West/ 49ers: sitonmyfac3509/natedogg
NFC North/ Packers: Everybody except JohnnyX77
NFC South/ Saints: Everybody except Stopable
NFC East/ Giants: Nobody
AFC West/ Broncos: S.R.O.
AFC North/ Ravens: Jerhawk, Deus Legend, JohnnyX77, S.R.O.
AFC South/ Texans: Deus Legend, Stopable , JohnnyX77
AFC East/ Patriots: Jerhawk, Deus Legend, BlazenHawks, sitonmyfac3509/natedogg

The tally from these picks:

1.) Deus Legend / 15
T2.) Jerhawk / 12
T2.) SRO / 12
T2.) sitonmyfac3509/natedogg / 12
5.) JohnnyX77 / 9
T6.) Stopable / 6
T6.) BlazenHawks / 6

Now for the overall PowerRankings, presented in part this week by AT&T:

1.) Deus Legend / 190
2.) JohnnyX77 / 176
3.) SRO / 171
T4.) BlazenHawks / 170
T4.) Jerhawk / 170
6.) Stopable / 167
7.) natedogg / 70

The Wild Card picks. These are worth 2 points each. Please have your picks in prior to kickoff of the particular game you're choosing for:

Bengals @ Texans (Saturday)

Lions @ Saints (Saturday)

Falcons @ Giants (Sunday)

Steelers @ Broncos (Sunday)

For the slight hope still alive to pass Deus Legend, here's a reminder of the SuperBowl picks we made at the beginning of the season worth 10 points. If the pick was changed in Week 10, it's worth 5:

Deus Legend: Falcons(10) / Still Alive
Jerhawk: Patriots (10) / Still Alive
BlazenHawks: Jets(10) / Eliminated
Stopable: Ravens(5) / Still Alive
JohnnyX77/SRO/natedogg: Packers / Still Alive

Thanks everyone, and good luck in the battle for second!


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