Sunday, January 22

NFL Picks: Championship results / Pro Bowl Picks

Welcome back to NFL Picks.

The standout pick from the Conference Championships:

  • BlazenHawks was the only one to get the Giants correct

The results from the Conference Championship picks. These were worth 4 points each:

T1.) Everybody but Stopable / 4
2.) Stopable / 0

The overall PowerRankings, presented in part this week by Colgate toothpaste:

1.) Deus Legend / 206
T2.) SRO / 190
T2.) JohnnyX77 / 190
T2.) BlazenHawks / 190
5.) Jerhawk / 185
6.) Stopable / 178

This week we'll pick for the Pro Bowl worth 1 point:


If you want, you can also pick for the SuperBowl between now and gametime. I'll make another post next week so you can wait to pick then if you want:

Giants vs. Patriots

Thanks everyone, and good luck.


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