Sunday, January 29

NFL Picks: Super Bowl Picks

Welcome back to NFL Picks.

Of the few of us that picked for the Pro Bowl, we all got the NFC wrong.

Here's the PowerRankings, presented in part this week by Chevrolet:

1.) Deus Legend / 206
T2.) SRO / 190
T2.) BlazenHawks / 190
T2.) JohnnyX77 / 190
5.) Jerhawk / 185
6.) Stopable / 178

This week we will pick for the Super Bowl. This game will be worth 5 points. Please have your picks in prior to kickoff of the game.

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots

Only Super Bowl pick still alive from beginning of season:

Jerhawk: Patriots (10)

Thanks everyone, and good luck.


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