Tuesday, February 9

America's Game: Jerhawk

If you're bored and would like to see a few highlights, here's some that I've uploaded.

This was Darren McFadden running for the Rams (Jerhawk) against Deus Legend (Cardinals).

In our Online Franchise, this was a game against the CPU (Saints) where QB Kelly James of the throwback Seahawks (Jerhawk) throws a perfect strike to WR D.J. Crosby in double coverage for a TD.

From Fifa 10 in the Be a Pro mode, my created character gets his first shot blocked, but somebody else on the Sturm Graz FC club cleans it up.

Also from Fifa 10 in the Manager mode with the Seattle Sounders FC club, a perfect free kick for a goal.

If you have any highlights to share, please leave a comment with your gamertag so we can check you out on easportsworld.com. Thanks.


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