Monday, February 1

Madden 11 Cover To Be Voted On?

Have you ever said Why is Shaun Alexander on the cover of madden and not Tom Brady, well guess what you now you get get to choose. Who will you choose? click read more to find out more

Though the cover athlete for Madden 11 would normally not be known until around NFL Draft time there is a new development today that could greatly affect how the final determination is made. Jstein2469 has posted a pic on Twitter that shows a new promotion being run by Doritos. Apparently the cover for Madden 11 will be chosen through some sort of fan based voting process.

Right now the front-runner for the cover of Madden 11 would probably be either Drew Brees and Chad Ochocinco. However if the final decision is being made through a vote obviously it will be dependent on who the official candidates are. EA Sports would need to come to an agreement with those players beforehand and as such it wouldn’t end up as simply a list of the biggest names in football with fans choosing whoever they want.

To Vote go HERE but the voting has not gone live yet


  1. Because Shaun Alexander was the NFL MVP, thats why it wasnt Tom Brady

  2. you get the point.

  3. I vote Deus Legend to be on the cover


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