Monday, February 8

NFL Picks: Conclusion to 2009/2010 Season

Hello everyone, welcome back to our final episode for this season of NFL Picks. I hope you guys enjoyed doing these as much as I did.

Nobody got the SuperBowl picks correct. Everyone went with the Colts. However, JohnnyX77 did choose the Saints back in Week 12 as his SuperBowl winner, so he'll get his 3 points.

Our final standings, brought to you by Toyota. Moving Forward:

1.) KnightnBattle10 / 219
2.) Stopable / 210
3.) Deus Legend / 207
4.) JohnnyX77 / 201
T5.) Jerhawk / 185
T5.) BlazenHawks / 185
7.) xxInspirationxx / 183
8.) JRC865 / 163
9.) IronHorse1995 / 131
10.) Finch865 / 61
11.) Castortroy4206 / 8
Congradulations to KnightnBattle10 for winning this year's NFL Picks. He now joins Jerhawk as the only two people to win this competition, and wins the Jerhawk Cup. Sadly, when attempting to hand the trophy off to his brother, KnightnBattle5, disaster strikes.

Hopefully we'll be doing this again next year. If you guys have any suggestions/complaints/questions about NFL Picks for the future, we'd love to hear it. Again, thanks to everyone that participated, and have a great offseason.


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