Thursday, September 10

Dirt 2 Review

Welcome back everyone! I know I have not done a review in a long time, but that is because I have not gotten any of the new games until now. The game I am going to review is on Dirt 2. Dirt 2 is an off-road rally racing game if you have seen the x games every year that Travis Pastrana is really good at. The first Dirt released on June 19, 2007. That game was really boring and the online sucked and the graphics were ok. Dirt 2 was released on 9-8-09 but for some reason no store had the game until 9-9-09 in Oregon, Washington, or Atlanta for other people I have heard some store had it. Dirt 2 was made by Codemasters based in the UK.

When I got this game, the first thing I noticed about the game was the home screen in the game which is an RV. It is easy to view what game mode you are entering. I love how the menus are laid out like you are in that RV you’re self. The graphics in the game are amazing. In the RV you can chose from Online or Offline like most racing games in the past that’s all you get and it’s the same tracks over and over again, Well in this one you have different countries and different tracks for those countries. The range of cars you can buy is fun. The offline is fun you and change the difficulty. The only bad part about the offline is the cars they don’t give enough detail about the car. Each car just 3 states speed, acceleration, and drivability. You can customize the cars with different vinyls or toys hang from your minor. One customizable thing I like are the different horns that you can choose for your car.

The game play is the most fun I have ever had in a racing game. Offline is a little different than online. You have to buy the right cars you help you get Online, you can choose any car you want. Before each race offline, you can change the car brakes, how high you want the car to be, etc…

Now online is different you can either go play as a team or solo, now if you have more than your self in the party, then you have to play team. Online is fun. You wouldn't even care if you win or lose. The crashes in the game are so real. Say if I am driving behind you and I partly touch you’re back tire I spin out. I know you all have been reading a while and I don’t want to give everything away so my review for this game is going to be my best rating yet.


The reason why It’s 9/10 is because the game play is really fun and it's a must buy game. You do not get frustrated like the other games that have came out this year so far. The graphics was awesome, the animations for crashes are awesome. The reason it’s not a 10/10 is because the online matching making takes for every to get into a room, the crowed does not get scared if you crash at them, and some other little stuff. I hope this help everyone who was thinking about buying the game.

My review of Beatles Rockband will be out sometime next week.


  1. Dirt 2 is a must buy. It can even threaten Forza 3 for Racing Game of the Year.


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