Wednesday, September 2

Guitar Hero 5 Review

There have been a lot of Guitar Hero games over the past few years. And there will be more yet before this year comes to a close. It's easy to get lost in the flood. But if you're going to grab one, Guitar Hero 5 is a good choice. The accessibility, streamlined presentation, solid note charts, and welcome gameplay improvements make this the best Guitar Hero game in recent memory.

IGN Ratings for Guitar Hero 5 (X360)

Rating Description
out of 10
9.0 Presentation
Neversoft stripped away a layer of annoyance in just about every area of the game.
8.0 Graphics
The animations are starting to show some life even if the art style still leaves room for improvement.
8.5 Sound
Better sound samples and good mixing. The track list is all over the place.
9.0 Gameplay
A few tweaks to the band play improve on the winning formula. Rock on.
9.0 Lasting Appeal
Challenges and new modes will keep you rocking. Importing tracks gives it even more value.



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