Tuesday, September 22

Beatles Rock Band review

Welcome back to this episode of Review with Blazenhawks. In this review I am doing Beatles Rock Band. As you know Beatles where a group of guys that started a band in London and then came over to the United States in 1967 and they were a huge hit. The Beatles are one of my favorite bands from the 1960’s and always have been, so when EA and MTV games came out with this version on 9/9/2009 I could not wait to play it.

The good things about the game is, when you start up the game the main video is cool and the graphics are great. I like how each time you play a song, the background changes depending on the song. The song choice is also awesome. It takes me back when I was a kid and having my parents listen to them. I like how as the years go by the Beatles get older you don’t see it that much. I like seeing the photos you unlock and the videos also. I also like that when you play as a band you can have more than one singer.

The down side of the game is the song list is short compared to other Rock Band games. When you play for about the first 15 songs you hear the girls screaming more than the music. I don't think it was a good idea. If I wanted to hear girls scream I would have gone outside. Also there are only 45 songs. That is way to short for the game to last, and the songs only last at the most 3 minutes. Plus it is just like all of the other music games which they are getting boring now.

I know this not a long review that’s because there is not much to the game it is really a relaxing game some thing to come back to. For this I am going to say that this is just a rent game once you beat it there is not point. For my rating I am going to give it


Tune in Friday night and I will be giving my review for Halo 3: ODST!


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