Sunday, June 8

MS to Announce Blu-Ray 360 Tommorrow

Coming from the folks over at CrunchGear and their tipster who supposedly has a "close friend" within Microsoft's E&D division, we get word that Microsoft is set to announce a new Blu-ray equipped Xbox 360 console Monday morning at 9:00AM pacific, an hour before Apple's WWDC. A Blu-ray Xbox 360 announcement that is said to confirm the new console's release this holiday at a price point lower than what the Elite currently sells for and an announcement whose aim is take the tech limelight away from Apple and their iPhone. Right ...

We have a few problems with this Blu-ray rumor, the first being that it's yet another Blu-ray Xbox 360 rumor. Seeing that EVERY time there has been speculation of Microsoft announcing this mysterious console, it never comes to fruition followed by MS's adamant denials. Our second issue with this rumor is the fact that the tipster links this MS announcement with Apple's conference where they claim MS will try to upstage the WWDC big reveals. Hmm, since when were MS and Apple duking it out in the video game market and since when have Apple loyalists ever been impressed by MS news? Seriously? We're beginning to think we should create a "Blu-ray Rumor" category to house all this "news".

[Via Gizmodo]


  1. If Microsoft does produce a Blu-Ray 360 will it be cheaper than the PS3?


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