Friday, June 6

XBLN Exclusive First Look: NHL 09

NHL 09 will have new features and improvements including Be A Pro mode, control enhancements, furthering of create-a-play, expansion of Online Team Play, and a “mystery” feature which is supposed to be “massive”. From Gamespot:

One of the most intriguing aspects of Be a Pro mode in NHL 09 is the different types of roles you’ll be able to serve when creating your player. Not only will you be able to play as a goalie, but you’ll also be able to choose different types of roles as a regular skater, from a grinding, checking defenseman to a speedy, shot-taking sniper. As a result, when you’re on the ice with your team, your coach will have different expectations of you depending on your role. It’s these individual expectations that will form the basis for how your performance is judged in the game and how your player progresses as a result.


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